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Cereals yield forecast and financial losses estimates

Assess crop yield losses and forecast potential
crop yield at harvest.

Who can benefit from our services ?

  • Crop insurers and reinsurers
  • Banking industry
  • Grain traders
  • Institutionals actors
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Our algorithms are continuously running to identify crop damages in near real time so that you can make the best financial decision early in the cropping season.

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solution peekelite synomen
  • Assess damages on field crops
  • Anticipate crop yields and losses over your area of interest

Cereal yield

We measure crop yields several months before harvest and we evaluate financial losses due to weather events to help you in your financial risk management.


We deliver crop yield volatility over a given area so that you better know your portfolio.

Real time

Our estimates are updated in near real time, all over the cropping season, to allow you make the best decisions as early as possible.

Multi-spatial scales

We deliver our estimates over many spatial scales, from plot scale to national scale, including the farm, municipality and regional scales.

"On the ground" App

Our solution offers a mobile version with plot scale view to help your on the ground team in perfoming claims adjustment.